Text Twist


Twist Buddy  v.1 2

This specialized Text Twist auto scans your game board automatically then uses its internal Text Twist strategy to find and play all possible solutions.

Cam Twist  v.1.7

CamTwist is a software package that lets you add special effects to your video chats.


Mystical Solitaire  v.1.0

All of your favorite classic solitaire games in one. Play these timeless games, set in the fantastic woodland backdrop of the Mystical Forest.

Spot a Word

Have fun with multilingual word puzzler. Enjoy three modes of the game: boast your skills in Word Master by combining words, try yourself in Polyglot Game or master foreign languages in Teacher mode. Spot a Word can become a really useful tool for

Mystical Sudoku  v.1.0

This classic puzzle game is the most widely played game in the world. Pucker Up Games delivers the world's best 10,000 Mystical Sudoku puzzles arranged in four different difficulty levels.

Word Galaxies  v.1.0

Thousands of word puzzles are scattered across the universe, and it's your job to unscramble the constellations, find the planets, and squeeze your brain for every word you can think of. Using the letters given, make as many words as you can in this

Sudoku XP  v.1.1

Sudoku is a simple, addictive game of logic that has taken the world by storm! Use reasoning and patience to solve the number grid,

Word Bubbles  v.

Word Bubbles for Kids is a game for the whole family! Play this game with your kids of all ages and help them learn to read an spell. Take a moment for yourself and enjoy the word puzzle mode for grown-ups. Game modes: - In the toddler zone your

Word Scramble II  v.1.7.1

Earn yourself the title of "word game expert" in the new challenge of Scramble!

Word Galaxies Expert Edition  v.1.4

Word Galaxies Expert Edition has the same classic gameplay as the original Word Galaxies, only now with a more difficult dictionary!

Scrabbalize  v.1.0

There are times when playing word scramble games that you get tired or frustrated and just want to win.

Word Galaxies Expert dition  v.1.1

Same classic gameplay as the original Word Galaxies, only now http://mac.

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